Having full plump lips have been raved about by everyone nowadays. People have seen this as a way to add to someone’s beauty. As someone who wants to have plumper lips, without surgery there are many non-surgical options available however different non-surgical options vary.  

 1. Lip Fillers 

Lip fillers has been the most frequent method of lip enhancement. The procedure with regards to lip fillers demand a sequence of injectable treatment which will ensure in adding volume in the areas of your face that needs volume. Fillers are flexible enough to be injected in other areas of the face however when it comes to lip enhancement procedures, fillers are directly injected to the lips. 

The advantage when it comes to the lip filler procedure is it does not take much of your time and you can continue with your task after the procedure like normal. Lip fillers only takes at least 15 minutes and is very convenient even to patients that have very hectic schedules of work. Moreover, budget wise, it is a very affordable option compared to opting for implants. 

The only thing you should expect when you are done with the procedure is a bit of swelling and sometimes a bit of bruising, however these are only present within 24 hiurs and you should expect for it to dissipate the next day. Even if this type of lip enhance only lasts for 9 to 12 months, it is a worthy investment at an affordable price.  

 2. Fat Transfer 

Fat transfer is the process of taking some fatty tissue in the hips or sometimes abdomen and then using this as a way to add some volume to the lip area. Compared to lip fillers, fat transfer is a process that is known to have more lasting effects. Fat transfer is also known to be a more invasive procedure and can consume a lot more time compared to a lip filler procedure however does not necessarily require for a patient to stay overnight and can also go home after the procedure just like when doing lip filler procedures.  

Now let’s see some benefits of lip enhancement! 

 1. Immediate Results: Lip fillers can be like a trip to a coffee shop, you get what you need after a few minutes. However, it is always important that proper expectation is set to avoid any misconception. In investing in lip filler procedures, you should expect a bit of swelling and a bit of bruising within the next 24 hours after the procedure, however no need to worry because the bruising and swelling will dissipate soon! 

 2. Natural: We want a procedure that gives us a result that highlights our features without making it too obvious that we had it done in the first place. It is always about looking our best while making it look as natural as possible.  

 3. Convenient: Non-surgical options of lip enhancement only take very little of your time. Thus, if you have a hectic schedule in your day, you can actually insert it to your plans easily because it only takes as little as 15 minutes!  

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